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Midwest Model

DDD has an alliance with Midwest Models to bring concepts to life through both physical modeling and computer visualization.

Take a look at the computer simulation model created by Midwest Models for the Formula One track in more


Strategic Alliance

Derek Daly Design and Paxton Waters Architecture are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Inis Motorsport Ltd. The alliance will allow Daly and Waters to offer Inis Motorsport Safety and Management Systems at all future project sites more.


Dirt to Purpose book series announced

On January 14th 2009 DDD announced a new book series called, Dirt to Purpose. Each book will capture and detail all aspects of designing, building and constructing new race circuits that DDD is involved with. The books will be available only on a limited basis. read more

No Passing in Formula One

When ever Formula One is discussed, the lack of passing is always brought up. Derek believes there are several reasons for this lack of passing. One is that the performance of the cars is so great that the brake zones are too short. The second is the design of certain circuits does not encourage passing. The third is that there is too much blocking allowed. One of Derek's distains of the recent governance of the FIA is that it has allowed blatant blocking of passing moves to be permitted, in fact almost encouraged.


Wild Idea Department

To encourage passing and to create intrigue, what if there was two different ways to enter a straight....using two completely different parts of the track? We will unfold this theory in the near future. In other words  a driver could take a different corner than the car he is following to attempt to pass him instead of following him and being blocked. Stay tuned....



Derek Daly Design is a partnership with Paxton Waters Architecture

Road course designer is a natural fit for Derek. He will utilize his vast experience as a Formula One/Indy car driver and that of a television broadcaster/businessman to design road courses with what he calls, "challenging style and character". read  more...


Accolades from Road & Track Magazine for the design of Bluegrass Motorsports Park 

"Excellent...for cars and bikes..."  

In the March 2010 issue of  Road & Track Magazine, the Long Term Test feature (by Peter Egan) saw an R8 Audi sample the Derek Daly Design road course at Bluegrass Motorsports Park, near Sparta, Kentucky. This was the first time that a national media scribe experienced the new facility. Although not in a finished state, the design received accolades for its lay out and variety of corner types etc.

" ....a fun and interesting track. In layout and shape, it has elements of both Grattan, Michigan and Mid Ohio, with dips and rises, and just enough technical challenges to keep the brain fully engaged while not seeming lethally fast or devious. An excellent club track for cars and bikes" Peter Egan.

"It's always becomes a challenge to satisfy the multitude of clients that might use any new facility", said designer, Derek Daly. "The Bluegrass directive was to end up with a potential FIA category type of facility. The stage one lay-out caters for the club user, the stage two plan would add length and bring a lot more of the wow factor", said designer, Derek Daly.  


Canadian Motor Speedway gathering momentum with Jeff Gordon

North Americas newest motorsports facility will be built in Fort Erie. More details

Canadian motorsports magazine, Inside Track, recently featured a story on Jeff Gordons involvement in the new motorsports complex. Read story...



The "Team" in Indianapolis

Rusty Wallace-Paxton Waters-Derek Daly-

Former NASCAR Champion, Rusty Wallace was in Indianapolis on Friday December 14th, and it provided an ideal time for Paxton Waters to talk to both of his "driver" designers about upcoming projects. Rusty was a major contributor to the design of the Iowa Speedway.



Derek Daly Design (DDD), in partnership with Paxton Waters Architecture, will specialize in bringing back some of the character of the great race tracks of the world that has been lost over the past two decades. “Contemporary designs have eliminated some of the character from what we call road courses” said Derek. “the great corners around the world have either been eliminated and/or disfigured.  Formula One drivers from my era have long mourned the loss of such signature corners”. DDD’s aim is to bring back some of the lost character and create what we call “signature” areas in new designs for the enjoyment of the modern-day driver and enthusiast. “The time has come for a fresh approach to race track design and Derek’s vast experience as a professional driver at the highest levels will provide us with a new perspective on what the future designs need to encompass” ” said Paxton 


Derek and Paxton are featured in the launch issue of Professsional Motorsport Circuit Magazine.

Indian Initiative

With the Force India Formula One Team capturing the imagination of every potential  Indian race car driver, the interest in motorsports in India is soaring. So to is the opportunity (and need) to develop the motorsport infrastructure.

For that reason, DDD has taken it upon itself to begin to connect the vast motorsports network to Indian consumers.

When new tracks are built in India, it is imperative that there is an industry to use the new facilities. DDD is leading the way in developing such an infrastructure with the recent announcement of its strategic alliance with Van Diemen International. Van Diemen (who Derek drove for in 1976 in England) are already building the first batch or FIA approved "world cars" for use in upcoming new Indian Racing Championships. Future Indian racing champions will only develop if the development mechanism is in place. DDD is doing their part to support this emerging market read more



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